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Parent Evaluations Of Our Service at Teach Leanbh

Teach Leanbh has been in operation for almost 20 years. During this time the service has received numerours awards most recently from Health Ireland Smart Start. Teach Leanbh credits itself on providing a high end service to meet the needs of both parents and children. In October 2017 we gave each family a questionnaire to complete, regarding the service provided by Teach Leanbh. The responses that we received were extremly positive, both in the service it provides and the management and staff caring for the children. Parents/Guardians seem to be very happy with the level of care, as well as the support and learning that their child receives. The children are happy attending each day and learn and develop well as a result of the care they receive.

The general comments form parents are of high praise to all at Teach Leanbh, in relation to the level of care provided and the facilities welcoming manner. Parents enjoy seeing what the children have done and hearing what they have learned. These comments come from both families who have been with Teach Leanbh for a number of years and from families who have joined us for the ECCE free Preschool Schemes. Below are a few of the comments which have been received from parents.

1) Are you happy with the service at Teach Leanbh?
• We are delighted with the service at Teach Leanbh and feel very lucky that it is accessible to us.
• Yes, Excellent Service.
• Extremely Happy
• Exceptionally Happy
• Yes, it is a great service. Delighted with all aspects.
• Yes, Very Happy with the service provided. Excellent Service.

2) Are you happy with the programme being delivered? (i.e Meeting your childes needs) example:
Montessori Programme:

• Extreamly Happy
• Yes, we feel that our childs educational and all other needs are being very well delivered.
• It is very diverse and fun based learning
• Yes, it is a very rounded programme.
• Yes, Delighted.
• We feel that thought has been put into the curriculum and our child is benefiting greatly.

3) Do you think the Government schemes being delivered e.g ECCE meets your childs needs?
• Yes, the curriculum is well thought our and our child is most certainly benefiting from the range of experiences offered to him and the way whcih the service is delivered.
• Yes, You can see how settled the children are and it helps moving to big school.
• Yes, Our childs independence and speech are improving. We feel as a result of attending class.
• Yes, Our child has developed both academicaly and socially. She is focused on learning.

4) Are the opening hours of full benefit to you?
• Yes, they are perfect.
• Yes, hours of opening are ideal
• Yes, suits perfectly

5) Are you happy with our 4 weekly plan menu?
• Yes – varied healthy meals
• Yes, great variety, healthy food and good introuction of new meals.
• Yes, great choice
• Very Happy

6) Any other comments?
• Delighted that I choose to send my child to Teach Leanbh
• Overall an excellent service is provided
• Great facility, lovely staff.
• Very happy with the service and all the stimuli my child is getting in Teach Leanbh.
• Very happy with the ease and service given to our children.
• It is a lovely service and I think it is a lovely place for the children to play inside and outside, very safe and very friendly staff.
• Supportive, considerate of needs and circumstances, accomodating and friendly.