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The Choice of Activities
Play allows children to find out about themselves and the world.  It allows them to discover, create, experiment, develop speech and muscles, learn new skills and invent.  There are a number of activities, at Teach Leanbh, for your child to complete; each activity promotes different areas of development.  Such activities include Arts & Crafts, Musical Time, Free Play, Outside Play, Story Time, Dress-up and many more.  The different activities develop certain skills.  By playing Dress-up or pretend play your child can take on a different role, for example that of a doctor and by helping them dress and undress themselves, they develop a level of independence.  These games allow your child to express themselves and in turn, will develop their social and emotional development.  Drawing, pasting, colouring, playdough and Arts & Crafts develop skills such as physical and intellectual skills.  For example, painting or rolling out shapes from the playdough will require arm and hand movements and hand & eye movements when hammering the dough or cutting out shapes to create something.

Free play is a great way to discover what your child likes and it gives your child the time to explore the different equipment and toys they enjoy.  Free play promotes all aspects of development.

Outside play and playing with water and sand helps develop their arm and hand movements.  The water and sand also develops their pouring skills.  With the sand your child will use their senses to explore the texture of the sand.

Musical time includes singing and making music using instruments.  This is great enjoyment that can help develop their language skills.  As your child becomes familiar with the different song words they will become more confident in the usage of these words. The different sounds from the different instruments will provoke curiosity, discovery and expression.  Your child may dance to the songs, etc. and this will in turn encourage their physical skills. Speech therapists use musical activities specifically to help children with speech defects.  It is also an excellent inspiration for releasing tension and letting off steam.

Jigsaws, bricks, blocks, beading and our extensive range of Montessori materials will help to develop your child's intellectual skills.  These different activities will require memory, thinking, reasoning and problem-solving.  It is also an important concept to encourage children to talk among themselves during playtimes, as this will develop their social and emotional skills